Avagard Capsule Hotel

Avagard Capsule Hotel
Located just right on the basement of Suvarnabhumi Airport, Avagard is the only hotel offering the quickest access to all flights check-in and other airport facilities, and is perfect for all solo travelers with early morning flight, very late night flights, or overnight transit (requires immigration pass to the country of Thailand).

Unlike other capsule hotels, Avagard provides only 5 exclusive capsules to ensure your quality sleep and without noisy and crowded traffic.

Nearby attractions:
Suvarnabhumi Airport, Airport Rail Link Suvarnabhumi Station, Chaolanta Chaika Suvarnabhumi Restaurant, Krua Rabieng Nam Restaurant – 3.18 km and Bang Na Hospital

B Floor Airport Rail Link Bangphli, Suvarnabhumi Airport,
Bangkok, Thailand, 10540

Website: http://www.avagardcapsulehotel.com/

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Avagard Capsule Hotel
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