Basic Thai Phrases


It’s very good If tourists Can understand basic Thai Which can help tourists to communicate with Thai people at all levels and also to impress the Thai people as well.

Let’s start learning basic Thai language.

General Basic Thai Phrases

English Thai
Hi / Hello
Good Morning
Good Afternoon
Good Evening
Sa was dee
How are you Sa Bai Dee Mai
Yes Chai
No Mai Chai
Thank You Kob Khun
Sorry / Excuse Me Khor Thoad
No Worries Mai Pen Rai

Basic Thai for Foods / Order Foods

English Thai
Not Spicy Mai Phed
A little Spicy Phed Nit Nawy
Really Spicy Phet Mak
I would like to order Sang A-Haan
Delicious A-Roi-Mak
Chilli Phrik
No Meat Mai Sai Neow
Beef Neow
Pork Moo

Basic Thai for Shopping

English Thai
How much does it cost Ra Ka Tao Rai
Very Expensive Pheng Mak
Very Cheap Thuk Mak
Can you give me discount Chewy lot ra kha hai noi
Thank you Kob Khun
Change Money Thon Ngein

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