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Web Design / Landing Page

We understand a better small hotel. May not want to incur website expenses. Don’t want to pay monthly, yearly expenses. But they want to have a landing page so that it can be used to sell hotel rooms

Thai Hotels Directory (THD), therefore, has a web page creation service and show details about your hotel as well as providing a service to connect to Facebook / Instagram (if any) just by sending information in English to us by using “Microsoft Word” with below detail.

  • Hotel name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Email Address
  • FB / Instagram link (if any)
  • Photos – 2,000 pixels image size

We will create the webpage and send website link or URL” returns to you for promotion or insert into your brochure and/or business card.

By this service we will charge once only 1,000 Baht, do not need to pay monthly/yearly anymore.

Please contact the email:

In case you need to have full funciton of hotel website, you also can contact us from the above email too.