OTOP Thai Products

What is OTOP?

OTOP (One Tambon, One Product) is a project that helps establish the standard of local products in Thailand. Inspired by the One Village, One Village, One Product project from Japan. OTOP products are diverse and cover almost all types of products, from Silk handicrafts, fashion accessories earthenware Household goods and including food.

OTOP is not the only product. But also means the preservation of natural resources and the environment Keeping Thai wisdom Tourism, arts and culture, tradition, extension of local wisdom Exchange of knowledge to become a quality product.

OTOP Product Thailand

OTOP Product Level

  • 5 Stars – Products meet export standards
  • 4 Stars – Quality products Can be developed for export
  • 3 Stars – Medium quality products
  • 2 Stars – A quality product that can be developed into 3 Stars.
  • 1 Star – poor quality product

For foreign businessmen OTOP products can be purchased from all provinces in Thailand. Ideal as would be a souvenir. Or can be ordered for export and resold as well

For more information : https://www.thaitambon.com/en/