Thonglor Thai Cuisine recommends Thai food menu


Thonglor Thai Cuisine encourages you to stay home to avoid COVID-19.

The restaurant proudly presents seven healthy, delicious local Thai dishes packed with nutritional value to help boost your immune system, starting with “Nam Phrik Kung Pao Sadao Nam Pla Whan”, grilled river prawns served with sweet fish sauce and neem, a Thai herb rich in vitamin C that has antioxidant properties and helps promote immunity against diseases and prevent colds.

The next menu is “Nam Phrik Ma Kam Sod”, fresh tamarind chili paste served with boiled vegetables and herbs like bitter gourd, okra, and turmeric to help protect your health against the virus. Another nutrient-rich menu is “Kaeng Som Lhai Bua”, with spicy curry consisting of citrus fruits such as tangerine, bergamot, and lime that help enhance sweating and prevent the infection.

The next recommended menu is “Yum Moo Yang Klaem Som-O”, Thai-style spicy salad that is rich in vitamin C from pomelo. The spiciness from chili helps with good expectorant for the respiratory system.

This is followed by “Pla Kra-Pong Tom Sumaree”, hot and spicy soup with snapper and packed full of herbs, galangal, lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, and shallots to help slow or stop the infection.

And do not miss the “Pla Yang Bai Yor Sai Dok King”, grilled fish with herbal leaves and ginger flower to help prevent colds. The last menu is “Pad Kra Pao Daeng Phrik Hang”, stir-fried red basil leaves with dried chilies and your preferred choice of meat, whether it be pork, beef, or chicken. Basil leaves are rich in Orientin which can prevent the virus from entering the cells and help inhibit the cell infection.

Don’t miss out the chance to try these seven quality menus that are rich in nutrients which can help strengthen your defense against COVID-19, available from today onwards at Thonglor Thai Cuisine with prices ranging from 185-850 baht.

The restaurant, located at Staybridge Suites Bangkok Thonglor, is currently open for takeout and delivery only.

To place an order, please call 02-000-4701 or 092-966-2563, or order through LINEMAN or Wongnai app.

Visit, or follow Facebook page, Instagram, and LINE: Thonglor Cuisine for latest updates and promotions.

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